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Mobile Media and Everyday Life

Changes in pattern of media use
1.                  Blurring the lines between work, leisure and family commitment
Talking about mobile media, first of all we will imagine thing that so called ‘smartphone’. But not many of us realise the positive and negative side of mobile media on our daily life. What we know it simplify our daily life. Let not go too far; just now we all can access this blog through our mobile phone. In the past we only can connect to internet through computer, laptop, and notebook but now with smartphone there is nothing to surprise about. That just the physically change of media revolution that we can see. Now stay with me to look beyond the physical changes. Either we realize it or not, mobile media really have the changes in term of uses pattern.
Firstly, mobile media blurring the lines between works, leisure and family commitments. According to Linke (2013) studies have most illuminatingly shown how the mobile phone has made a difference in people’s arrangement of mobility and timetables through mobile everyday communication.  Let reflect ourselves, how do we use mobile phone on ours daily life? ‘Works, leisure and family commitments’. This three separated thing that seen as impossible to focusing at the same time. But with the mobile media we can’t really see the lines between these three things. As workers, it will simplify our ease our communication. For example the application so called facebook, wechat, whatapps and instagram. Let take into example person who run online business through the social network. Yes, it about work and at the same time it about entertainment and there also family member on our friend list. It not only kills two bird with one stone but kill three bird with one stone. Amazing right?  How can we know either that person working, have leisure time or communicating with their family?

2.                  Emergence of various application
According to Danova (2013), the media use categories that have seen the most dramatic transition to mobile so far are social networking, mobile video, local search, and, of course gaming. This usage of mobile media seem gradually change because of the various application that available to download on our phone. In the past, phone known for calling, then can send and receive message. But since the increasing on technology innovation, phone start to have android that able us to use all sort of application.

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Mobile media not only about communicating but also became one of basic need on our life. Let me ask simple question; anyone willing to look into manual maps even you have smartphone that have so called Google Maps, Wage and Navigation? Who else want to carry Nokia 3310 if you affordable to buy ‘slim phone’?

Discuss and analyse how one issue/event that is facilitated and implicated by mobile media. What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile media in that issue/event?
Mobile media being part and parcel of the global society always has its unique role. Either it facilitates or destructs human life has always been the concern of many including those who debated within the realm of academe. Personally, I would discuss on an issue in which I felt that mobile media possess its influence. Apparently, I feel that mobile media have fostered gamming by blurring the line between work and leisure time and even work and study time. However, does this double task means that we are progressing towards positivity. If you ask me, I would definitely say it is in a position which is par. The good thing about this is it has certainly compressed the notion of time and space together. People can now save their time and involve in gamming whenever they have time. For example, during lunch break or even while waiting for the lecturers to enter the class.
However, the underside of this mobile media and the facilitation of gamming is that is has certainly restricted face-to-face communication, reduces physical activities and loosens the bond between their fellow people. I have observed a friend of mine who were once the most talkative person. However, after engaging in online gaming namely Candy Crush, she rarely enters the class or even if she enter the class she rarely sit beside us. She rather listens to the lecture while playing her game than communicating with us. Mobile media causes alienation from their own society, alienation from the people around you. However, I do not deny the fact that it has eased the burden of mankind in many ways.

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