Thursday, 7 April 2016

Consumption and Digital Devices.

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We're so sorry for not publish any post for a long time due to our hectic,hurricane life. But now, we have back in our normal track. A long pheewwww..hehe.

For our second post, we have to find about online consumption and digital devices among University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) students. As we want to learn about the patterns of our online consumption based on our daily basis, we have developed a questionnaire for us to understand and analyze. Basically, we asked (force!hehe) our friends to participate in answering the questionnaire. Thus in the end, we have 26 respondents that include 7 male and 19 female from different faculties.

Based on the responds from the questionnaire, we can concluded that each of us have own smartphones and laptops nowadays. This is because we are living in the age where there are rising of new media and technologies. (tak up-to-date laa kalau x de laptop dengan smartphone kn..?) Therefore, there are rather difficult situations for those who do not own any smartphones and laptops that are importantly in our daily basis especially in doing assignments. 

From the responds, basically they have their first smartphones specifically as early as 12 years old where at that time smartphones are very new technologies that people owned. As for laptops, they owned it as early as 17 years old and above, where most of them just entering universities, and that making them to buy the laptops for their ease. 

Besides that, most of them only have one or two smartphones in their life. There are rarely that own more than 2 smartphones. Besides smartphones and laptops, there are also other new media that they have in their life which are MP3/MP4 for the music. This is because, for them it is easier and better to put their music and songs in MP3/MP4 rather than they put in their smartphones because they do not want their smartphones’ battery die too soon. Besides MP3/MP4, they also have tablets and game consoles for their pleasure. 
Out of 26 students that are participating in answering this questionnaire, there are 10 students (37%) that use their smartphones and laptops in 4 to 5 hours a day. And there are 8 students (18.5%) that use more than 5 hours a day! This showed that smartphones and laptops do have powerful ‘attractions’ for people to use it. Usually, most students use their smartphones and laptops for their social networking and assignments. Other than that, they also use it for surfing online, online games, online shopping and internet banking. From the reasons that are stated above as why they use smartphones and laptops, we can conclude that new media such as smartphones and laptops provide important services for people to use it. Without it, we can say that our life will not ruining as smoothly as we want it to be.

 Can you see how big the difference is???!!!!
New media does changing and improve our life because of so many reasons. It makes our life easier and faster in term of sending, receiving and gaining information. New media also enhancing our life better, where we can connected easily with our family and friends through it. Other way of saying the importance of new media especially smartphones and laptops in our life; where it contain lots of information, we can use it easily and it is less time consuming and it is much better way of communication in today’s world. 

So, less technology less controversy..
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  1. Agree, I myself are having problem with the same addiction. Great research :D

  2. me too. but we are 90an baby. we can survive without smartphone. let try just for one day.hahahaha :)

  3. Smartphone is my other half. Well, the way of using it, really can't say. Haha.. Anyway good discourse